14 Amazing Single-Use Beauty Products to Celebrate the 2018 Word of the Year

According to Collins Dictionary, the 2018 word of the year is “single-use.” Collins explains that the word “encompasses a global movement to kick our addiction to disposable products,” also noting that the term (which dates back to the 14th century) has enjoyed a “four-fold increase in usage” in the past five years thanks to a growing awareness surrounding environmental issues.

OK, sure: The word may have been chosen more in the conservationist sense (as in anti-single-use), but you know what? We all deserve to indulge in the convenience of a good single-use product every now and then. (Anyone else out there who would die for their Nespresso machine?) They’re so, so convenient, especially if you’re traveling or on the go. And you know what? Sometimes, they just make life better.

So, to help celebrate the word of the year, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite single-use beauty products, from individually wrapped facial wipes to easy-to-use one-minute hair masks, keep reading to shop our top picks. [Read More…]

Source: Total Beauty

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