What Happened When I Tried Instagram’s Most WTF Brow Trends

It seems you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing an out-there brow look. The art, detail, and craftsmanship of the look is incredible, but then you realize that there’s no way these Instagram gals are leaving the comfort of their bedrooms before wiping that crazy brow off. Or are they?

When I started seeing these, uh, interesting brow trends all over my Instagram, I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to do anything that different to their brows. One day (mostly out of curiosity) I decided to try out some of the most popular, eye-catching Instagram brow trends and see what the hype was really all about.

From squiggly brows (which literally made me want to crawl up into a ball and hide) to the underbrow (which Gigi Hadid rocked so naturally I considered it), these brow trends are definitely eye-catching to put it lightly. Here’s what happened when I went out in public wearing Instagram’s latest brow trends. (Prepare to cringe.) [Read More…]

Source: Total Beauty

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