Empowered And Enlightened

Enlightened and Empowered

Knowledge is power we have seen this manifestation all through history.
I want to inspire girls and women to reach their full potential by creating the person they want to be instead of just “becoming someone”. Take control of your life, your health, your character, your personae, your reputation, your career; and give rise to the awesome person you were meant to be. While perfection is an insane construct, one can still achieve a personal definition of an ideal existence, perfectly crafted through experience, education and epiphany. We embrace a lifestyle of learning, growing, and perfecting; and with this simple formula we can become powerful in every aspect of our life, i.e. spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Beautiful, Inside and Out

Focuses on physical beauty as well as inner beauty This will include exercise, healthy eating, fashion, skincare and makeup for outer beauty The inner beauty will be highlighted thru inspirational quotes, blogs, essays, daily devotions and interviews of industry professionals and/or everyday women.

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W.O.W (Women of Wisdom)

Focuses on group discussions by women of all ages and demographics. They will be given modern day topics and will have an open discussion with a host (me or someone else). I want to tape these discuss and have them uploaded to You Tube. ( We will need a link from the web page to You Tube). At least 4 groups a year.

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(L.I.G.H.T) Let Inspiration Guidance Heal Today

Focuses on the writing part of the Brand. I will feature excerpts from my books and short stories, essays and devotional guides on the website. I will need a link to Amazon to purchse the books when they become available. I want to feature book and brand launches as well as celebrity readings.

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