15 Tiny Ways I Add Positivity to My Life

Google “how to be happy,” and you’ll be met with 226,000,000 results as proof of our collective search for bliss.

However, even with that much information at hand, there’s never a quick, one-size-fits-all answer. I’ve found that my journey towards greater satisfaction in life is a slower, more organic process of growth and change.

Change, however, doesn’t always have to be epic. Even the tiniest positive changes have rippled through my life and made a difference. And while it’s not always possible to be happy, I’ve realized I can always make an effort to see the bright side of things. That minor change in perspective has helped lighten up not just my life, but the lives of those around me too.

Here are 15 tiny things I do to add more positivity to my life. I hope they help you find more positivity in yours too.

Keep a Happiness To-Do List

I make plenty of to-do lists for my errands, but every so often I also take the time to write a list to remind me to do things that make me happy. [Read More…]

Source: Bella Grace Magazine

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