Whenever I hear the word “courage”, it always makes me think of “Courage the Cowardly Dog’.

I use to watch him on the Cartoon Network.  

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Courage wanted a nice, quiet existence, somewhere to rest and sleep and dream peacefully.  But instead he got aliens in a circus, monsters from the cornfield, and disfigured guests for tea. He lived with Ma & Pa, and he was always trying to protect them from theses horrible creatures. 

What made Courage funny is he was the biggest scary cat on the planet.  What made Courage a hero was despite whatever madness went on, he knew he had to stop it from hurting Ma & Pa.  He would face each monster, each week scared and shaking, sometimes screaming, but he faced them anyway.

That is the definition of courage, you do it afraid.  Over the next few months we celebrate women, doing their thing, getting their point across, but doing it courageously.

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Soledad O’Brien taking on mentoring young women; Hilary Clinton, daring to speak out against President Trump and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings; and, yes, Queen Bey, Beyonce, speaking up about her life and her body.

If you are feeling “courageous” try something new like washing your face with sparkling water or the newest trend in health care, Mindfulness. You can be the first to stand up for why Niacinamide should be your new favorite skin care ingredient and listen to the testimonials as to how immigration impacts all of us.

When we stand up for ourselves, we stand up for all of us.  Do you have the courage to be you, to stand on your truth no matter what the consequences?  Courage did and now he is a happy dog.

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